London nightlife is saturated with ‘popular clubs’, which become overnight club boutiques and commercial...

Specifically designed for the fashion world,FBP London stays true to its signature style: fashion brunches, live events, retro disco, old school pop, a little more rock 'n' roll & decadence, fashion varieties and vintage adult.
We aim to redefine the London party scene with original brunches, good food, cultivating an intimate and hedonistic environment for fashion and creative professionals, musicians and anyone with a joie de vivre.
But the best thing about us is that we are saying an unrelenting ’non’ to memberships, minimum spends, guest lists or a VIP section.
Strict door policy.
Anyone can try at the door, but it is a friends and family thing ultimately. It is a french philosophy.

Vive la fraternité!


Julia Cameron (Fashion Designer), Agne Ro (Fashion Illustrator),
Marye Toxopeus (Fashion Illustrator), Anna Horvath (Event Planner),
Desdemona Varon (Fashion Photographer), Délia Heidsieck (Fashion Stylist),
Katrina Knizikeviciute (Fashion Designer), Anna Wasowska (Sales Manager Versace)

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